Steps to creating a healthier You!

It’s day 6 of 2015. Did your resolution include getting healthier this year?  Whether this is a new resolution or something you have been working on, I have some tips that I’ll share this month that I hope will help!As many of you may know, I love my FitBit. Don’t know what that is?  It’s a pedometer+. There are three different versions of this baby but I like my Flex. I just double checked so I could quote you a price and found out that now there are 6 different versions – wow!  Well, I still like the Flex and it is $99.95. The Flex monitors your steps, level of physical activity and sleep but not your heart rate.  They do have a version that does monitor your heart rate however, if you are interested.

Why care about the amount of sleep you get each night?  Of course it’s part of the whole healthier you and I’ll have more to say in another post.

Do you have to shell out $100 bucks for a pedometer – absolutely not.  There are other options – apps for your phone, less expensive pedometers, for sure!  The FitBit is convenient and accurate which are two of the big reasons I recommend it.  (By the way, just my personal recommendation – receiving no comp from the company.)

If you get a FitBit or Google how many steps to take a day, you will see it recommended to work toward 10,000 per day.  The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity per week – about 7,000 to 8,000 steps per day.  ( I find the minutes harder to monitor so I like the steps per day measurement.  The FitBit suggests that you take 10,000 per day as a goal but you can certainly set your own daily goals.

I have to confess, before I had the pedometer I would have guessed that I easily took at least 10,000 steps.  No problem!  However, my little friend told me otherwise and I find that I do have to put in some effort in achieving this goal.  Big surprise!

What if 10,000 seems like too much for you for right now?  See where you are currently and then add 1,000/day for this week.  Or you may want to shoot for your goal 3x per week.  The overarching goal here is healthier – not Iron Woman/Man by next week.  You don’t have to kill yourself or make this another full-time job.  Be realistic and add to what you’re already doing.  We all walk – some – so incorporate more as you are comfortable and your life permits.

Ways to add additional steps into your day?  When it’s not -25 degrees as they are predicting for  us today, try parking farther away from where you intend to go.  Now if I see you parked way down the street from your house, I’ll know what you’re doing – but your neighbors might think you’re weird 🙂  Seriously, park out in the middle of the shopping center lot.  If you find yourself sitting most of the day at work or elsewhere, build a walk in every hour or so.  This will make a big difference and help if you have back pain too!  Think about engaging your abdominals as you walk – ooh, now there’s an idea!

Let me know if you give this a try!  I’d love to hear how it’s working, if you are surprised by how many steps you actually take vs. what you thought, if you are finding any challenges or noticing any changes.  I’d love to hear about any and all of it!!

Here’s to a healthier you!