Located in a sunny streetfront studio in the heart of Warren, RI, True Balance offers outstanding service with a strong sense of community. We genuinely care, are inspired by and dedicated to helping bodies perform better. Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking to add fitness back into your life or are an athlete striving to enhance performance – we focus on you!

Jill Darwak-Cuzzone

Owner / Instructor


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JILL DARWAK CUZZONE I became devoted and addicted to the practice of Pilates in 2002. Having developed sciatic-type pain while pregnant with my third child, Pilates helped. I took time away from my family and law practice to become a fully certified instructor thru the United States Pilates Association, and I opened True Balance Pilates in 2012. In August 2016, I completed the comprehensive training for Polestar Pilates program and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained from these two schools with you.

I enjoy sharing Pilates with people who are tired of beating their bodies up, are interested in learning to use their bodies more efficiently, who want to develop strength – perhaps after being injured or just being away from fitness- and are looking to make it an enjoyable experience.

Clients often arrive for class stressed, tired and sometimes in pain but very often leave saying they feel better. I love that! I also enjoy hearing clients say in a truly surprised voice, ‘I CAN do this.’ You can do it too – Let me show you.

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8 State Street

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“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey into the world of Pilates. I’ve noticed my muscles developing and strengthening as well as my cardio endurance improving. Everything happens at your own skill level” – Jenny