Steps to creating a healthier You!

It’s day 6 of 2015. Did your resolution include getting healthier this year?  Whether this is a new resolution or something you have been working on, I have some tips that I’ll share this month that I hope will help!As many of you may know, I love my FitBit. Don’t know what that is?  It’s a pedometer+. There are three different versions of this baby but I like my Flex. I just double checked so I could quote you a price and found out that now there are 6 different versions – wow!  Well, I still like the Flex and it is $99.95. The Flex monitors your steps, level of physical activity and sleep but not your heart rate.  They do have a version that does monitor your heart rate however, if you are interested.

Why care about the amount of sleep you get each night?  Of course it’s part of the whole healthier you and I’ll have more to say in another post. Continue reading Steps to creating a healthier You!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!  Are you thinking of resolutions for 2015?  I have been.  My strategy this year is a little different….  In past years I have made ‘pie in the sky’ resolutions for changes I should make.  You know how that worked right?

This year I’ve decided to think back over 2014 and improve on the changes that succeeded.  In other words, I’m abandoning the total overhaul, have to perfect model in favor of, I’ll make it better.

Join me?  I’m fortunate to see many of you often so I know that you are working on eating well to feed your body, exercising to be strong & reduce stress.  I see you making positive steps in your lives.  You are working on being healthy and taking care of yourself!  Keep up the good work 🙂

Thanks For All We Have…

fall class scheduleNovember is the month of Thanksgiving, giving thanks for all we have. I encourage you to take stock of the things that you have to be thankful for: the people, the opportunities and your health.  Your health may not seem like an aspect of your life that is something to be thankful for.  However, too many of us know friends and family who are not in the best health and who are trying to deal with it.  So, yes, your health IS something to value.

Typically toward Thanksgiving, with the December holidays right around the corner, the celebrations and holiday expectations tend to lead us away from taking care of ourselves and focusing on our health.  I am writing to suggest that you make your health a priority this November.  How?  I have some suggestions – 1.  Set a schedule before the craziness begins.  Be realistic!  This might not be the time where you decide to bump up the number of times you workout.  Perhaps this is when you maintain your current level. 2.  Recruit a friend 🙂  The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends. Continue reading Thanks For All We Have…

Tidbits on All Things Pilates…

Welcome to our new True Balance Pilates web site and to my very first blog post :)

In case we haven’t met, yet – I am Jill Darwak Cuzzone, the creator of the True Balance Pilates community. I am the mother of 3 children (almost all teenagers now), a lawyer AND Pilates studio owner/instructor. I fell in love with Pilates way back in 2002 and enjoy sharing my Pilates knowledge with my clients.

With this blog I will bring you tidbits on all things Pilates (of course!); fun/interesting books; great recipes; and some things I love. I hope you will find inspiration here and will include your opinions or questions whenever you’d like.