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Are you a Habit Hater?

I’ve been thinking about all of the things that we talk about in the studio and that I’ve been talking about in this blog. Many of our discussions are on adding more exercise into our lives, eating in a healthier way, feeling better & stronger. As I thought, I realized that all the ideas and changes to behavior have to do with creating healthier habits. If you hate habits, I’m sorry for this bad news! If you already know that creating habits are necessary and can make your life easier, read on!  If you hate habits, read on anyway – you might find you like them afterall?  Let’s take a step back and look at how we successfully create new habits. Creating new habits can apply to any/every facet of our lives – so this can be BIG! Continue reading Are you a Habit Hater?

Super Bowl workout :)

Are you planning to watch the Super Bowl today?  Go Pats!  So I’m thinking about the snacks and all the great food & drinks that are always part of the watching.  For some reason it brought me back to college days and the games that we played … and I wondered if someone might have come up with a fun way to integrate exercise while watching the Super Bowl.  Guess what??  They have!!!  So here you go, here’s a fun game to play while you watch the game! Continue reading Super Bowl workout 🙂