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Goals – Consider making them about more than just how you look

February is almost gone!  Our resolutions are almost two months old.  Did you make any resolutions? How are you doing with your goals?  Perhaps you vowed to lose weight? Maybe you feel you should increase the amount of exercise? Eat healthier anyone? Organization, in some form, probably made the list?  All of the above?  Sign me up!

Here’s the thing – intentions are good, goals great but  we would all probably say we could eat better, lose weight (even if it’s 5 lbs.), be more organized, etc. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to make the changes you’d like? I’d like to ask yourself this question, “What would I like my body to be able to do?” Continue reading Goals – Consider making them about more than just how you look

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!  Are you thinking of resolutions for 2015?  I have been.  My strategy this year is a little different….  In past years I have made ‘pie in the sky’ resolutions for changes I should make.  You know how that worked right?

This year I’ve decided to think back over 2014 and improve on the changes that succeeded.  In other words, I’m abandoning the total overhaul, have to perfect model in favor of, I’ll make it better.

Join me?  I’m fortunate to see many of you often so I know that you are working on eating well to feed your body, exercising to be strong & reduce stress.  I see you making positive steps in your lives.  You are working on being healthy and taking care of yourself!  Keep up the good work 🙂