Creating a Better To Do list

Thinking we all make To Do lists – in our head, on paper, on many papers perhaps.  Do you include exercise on your ‘to do’ list?  Sometimes I do.  I hear people declare that they will work out a certain number of days or some may say certain days.  My tip for you this week, if you are finding that you squeeze a workout in at the end of the day or are ending the week not having worked out as much as you intended, is to schedule your workouts in on a specific day & time.  Put it right in on your calendar at a definite time!  Scheduling your workouts for a specific day and time takes the guess work out of fitting a workout in.  Getting the workout done won’t be hanging over your head where you need to think, ‘I still need to get out walking’ or when will I fit ‘my run’ in?  Leaving it to be fit in means that it will be nagging at you or worse, forgotten.  One advantage my Pilates-peeps have is that we schedule our sessions so you know when you will be getting your Pilates in.  This is great – no guessing, not fitting in at the last minute!  Perhaps you’re trying to add the Series of 5 that I’m always yammering on about into your week – well, schedule it 🙂

I know you’re working on your goals – keep up the great work!  I love it when you all tell me that something I’ve talked about here is helpful, is something you hadn’t thought of or you are implementing the idea in your life.  If you have ideas or comments, please let me know!  Additionally, if you find you are struggling with something or looking to incorporate/delete something from your life, say french fries (!) or would like to add more Pilates, let’s talk about it and see what creative solutions we can come up with.

To a healthier You & to marrying your ‘to do’ list with your calendar,


P.S.  This idea works with anything from your ‘to do’ list.  Pick specific times during the day to get the things on your list done.  They are more likely to be done at the end of the day/week!

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