Creating a Healthier You – Tip #3

January is almost done. I’m wondering how you are doing with creating a healthier you?

My new tip for you is to strive for consistency.  Does that mean you have to workout 7 days a week, never eat a grain of sugar again or have a glass of wine for the rest of your life?  Probably not….  Be realistic in setting your schedule.  Just getting back to exercise?  Maybe you will decide that one day per week is all you can handle for now.  That’s a good start.  Pick your day/time & stick with it.

I met with a new client this week who is returning to Pilates and will be starting with 30 minute sessions two times per week.  That is what she feels her body can handle.  Eventually we will increase the length of her sessions but for now, that’s how she’s starting. 

Suggestions to help you be consistent?

1.  Have some skin in the game.  Set your schedule for the week or the month and pay for the sessions.   Once you have made this commitment and paid for the sessions, you will be less likely to blow off the workout.  Trust me, it’s true!

2.  Keep your eye on the prize.   Be sure that your goal(s) are clearly defined and you keep them in mind.  You’re grocery shopping and you come to the ice cream aisle ….  your goal was to lose 5 pounds – try to keep that in mind as you decide whether you ‘need’ ice cream this week.  Having the end result in mind can help you make good decisions along the way.

3.  Don’t make too many resolutions/goals at one time.  Just as redecorating your entire house might be overwhelming – taking on too much redecorating your body, overhauling your eating completely can just plain be too much.  Take one step at a time.  One goal for one aspect of your life at a time.

I’d love to hear how things are going for you.  Are you finding success, struggling with something in particular?  If you care to share, please leave a comment and we’ll chat about it!

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