Setting a goal …

Happy Spring!  The snow piles and cold temps don’t seem to be shouting that Spring is actually here and warmer weather will be here before we know it but it IS coming.  Believe it or not, this is a great time to set a, or some, goals for yourself.  Would you like to wear tank tops this summer, do more biking, feel stronger so you are able to take advantage of the nice weather in whatever way that may be?  After the winter we’ve had, you deserve to do that, whatever ‘that’ may be, for you! This is just the time to start or continue working toward a goal. How do you start or continue with this?  Read on!

First step, identify what your goal will be.  Be clear about it.  Try to be specific – Exercise for 20, 30, 40+ minutes every day or 3 days/week.  You get the idea.  Being specific will work better than choosing something such as, ‘be healthier.’ While this is an admirable goal, it will be harder to stick to.  What does ‘being healthier’ actually mean to you – there are so many forms that it could take.

You might have many ideas for goals and it might be helpful to write them down.  Take a little time to make a list of goals if list making works for you. Once you have your list, really look at it and decide what is most important to you – prioritize.  Also, consider whether you are the type of person who likes to make small changes over time or if you need the big, BAM, of a sweeping change to be motivated?  Reflect on past changes: consider what the goal was, the strategy you implemented and the results.  Did you make a big change with great success because you were super motivated?  Perhaps, upon reflection, you see that you bit off a little more than you were comfortable with or it was too difficult to make such a big change?   Different styles work for different individuals and finding what works for you is as important as setting a specific goal.  These are all steps to setting yourself up for success!

At this point, don’t consider how you will accomplish your goal!  Once you start to go down the ‘how to’ path you are more likely to scrap the idea or talk yourself out of it.  Don’t do that.  Simply decide what your goal will be. Be specific about what you want.  Reflect on past successes and/or challenges to glean information on how you are comfortable adapting.  We’ll work together on figuring out ways to accomplish the goal(s) you desire!

So, set a goal.  I know that many of you have goals that you have been working toward which is great.  This could also be a good time to refine those goals.  Perhaps you’d like to pick one aspect of getting healthier to focus some additional attention on?  Let’s do it!  I’d love to hear what you are considering and/or what you decide.  Need ideas?  I can help! 🙂  Leave me a comment here or contact me at the studio (True Balance Pilates 8 State St., Warren, RI 401.699.9481,

To Spring and all of the changes it will bring,


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