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Creating a Better To Do list

Thinking we all make To Do lists – in our head, on paper, on many papers perhaps.  Do you include exercise on your ‘to do’ list?  Sometimes I do.  I hear people declare that they will work out a certain number of days or some may say certain days.  My tip for you this week, if you are finding that you squeeze a workout in at the end of the day or are ending the week not having worked out as much as you intended, Continue reading Creating a Better To Do list

Take action!

So you have your goal in mind, now what?

First thing I suggest your doing is take inventory of what has worked and what has not in the past.  Have you tried to lose those 30 lbs. in 2 weeks by not eating a single thing?  We all know how that story goes ….  By setting a measurable, realistic goal, you have taken a big first step in the right direction.  In the past, were you successful toward a goal for a day or two, or ’til the weekend and then did you get off track?  Take a look at what worked, if anything, and then try to figure out why, so you can replicate that action.  What did not work?  Take the same inventory of what didn’t work – it is important too. Continue reading Take action!