Am I too old to begin Pilates?

Age certainly does not preclude you from beginning Pilates!  Here is why I can answer this question so emphatically.

  •  Pilates movements are performed on equipment.  The equipment provides support and alignment for your body.
  • The exercises are endlessly customize-able allowing the instructor to make the work more or less difficult depending on your ability.
  • If you have some pre-existing injury or weakness, the exercises chosen for you can work around the injury or target the weakness.
  • If you are concerned that your balance is not as strong as it had been, Pilates can help.  Over time you can regain balance and prevent falling.

If you have hesitated because you think you might be too old, I strongly urge you to reconsider.  AARP concluded that it is “never too late to learn Pilates.” AARP article  Pilates can be very gentle yet strength & balance building.  You will feel stronger and more confident in your ability to do all of the things you enjoy by adding Pilates to your life!  Do you have more questions/concerns?  Please give me a call, (401)699-9481, or check out my website for additional information – True Balance Pilates    I look forward to working together!

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